April 22nd
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Far over the misty mountains grim

To dungeons deep and caverns dim

We must away, ere break of day,

To win our harps and gold from him! 

April 13th
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April 13th
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What they want is for me to truly take on the role they designed for me. The symbol of the revolution. The Mockingjay. It isn’t enough, what I’ve done in the past, defying the Capitol in the Games, providing a rallying point. I must now become the actual leader, the face, the voice, t h e  e m b o d i m e n t   o f   t h e   r e v o l u t i o n .

April 8th
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The mountain smoked beneath the moon, 

The Dwarves they heard the tramp of doom. 

They fled their hall to dying fall

Beneath his feet, beneath the moon

April 3rd
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the king’s speech | s  p  a  c  e

April 3rd
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favorite character meme » one character [1/1]: helena, orphan black

March 30th
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There are a lot of people in Versailles today.

March 30th
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The bells were ringing in the dale

And men looked up with faces pale; 

Then dragon’s ire more fierce than fire 

Laid low their towers and houses frail. 

March 25th
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All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

March 25th
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The pines were roaring on the height

The winds were moaning in the the night.

The fire was red, it flaming spread;

The trees like torches, blazed with light.